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Dog Friendly St. Pete

St. Petersburg Dog Walker

When walking your dog around downtown Saint Pete, its easy to see why our little city is one of the top ten dog friendly cities in the country. Many stores allow you to bring your dog inside and almost every one has a bowl of fresh water ready to go! Gift stores, such as Zazoo’d, have fanciful dog accessories for your furry loved one. But where can you go to eat with your dog? We have three spots we love to frequent with our pups.

Cassis American Brasserie-
Cassis is in a great location, right in downtown across from the new pier. It is next to the park, so you can do a little dog walking before sitting down to a delicious meal. Cassis boasts an extensive Dog Menu that includes the Mutt Loaf ( a tasty onion-free version of meatloaf), The Pup Monsieur (a dog version of the French classic), and the Pooched Egg platter with scrambled eggs. For dessert, try out their Arrf el Tower Peanut Butter cookie, or the Bark de Triumph with dog friendly vanilla ice cream. Your dog will thank you for giving them the meal they deserve and you’ll love the beautiful outdoor seating with a delicious *human* menu.

This adorable sweets and cakes shop have a few locations, but one thing remains consistent- their love of all things canine. While walking your dog, stop in for a mini cupcake, a slice of cake, or one of their delicious coffees. Order a Pup Cake for your dog and watch them devour it with delight! Its made with peanut butter, eggs, honey, carrots, oats, flour, oil, vanilla and peanut butter cream cheese frosting. It’s topped with bacon, so you know your dog won’t be able to resist. Swah-Rey also donates regularly to local shelters and help with dog adoptions. You can see some of their success stories/happy pups painted on their walls by local artists.

Sweet Sage Cafe-
Sweet Sage is just a little drive over to the Redington Beach area of St. Pete and has an amazing menu for both you and your dog. With over 12 meals for pups, they know exactly who they are catering to. Let your dog try out the “Beagle,” a crispy bagel with cream cheese, the Snoopie Souffle, or a Belgian “Woofle.” They ask the question, “who cut the cheese?” With their fun doggy cheese platter and we all know who gets the blame there. They do ask that both “Pointers” and “Setters” use the patch of lawn next to the restaurant for dog walking and no “lab” dances allowed! This adorable location is a great spot to take your furry friend and you’ll love popping into their boutique for some uniquely Florida goods.

Dog walking can be made doubly fun for your pooch when you add tasty treats! Check out some of these locations and enjoy all they have to offer you and your dog. Although, if you’d rather go out to dinner yourself and leave your pup at home, give Tails and Trails a call to take care of their needs while you enjoy a relaxing meal.