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Dog Friendly St. Pete

St. Petersburg Dog Walker

Dog walking in St. Pete is a sure joy and it is amazing how many spots welcome your pup with open arms. Check out some of these great places to walk your dog in this sweet city.

Coffee Pot Park is right near Old Northeast and is a great starting point for a beautiful walk along the water. There is ample parking, a boat ramp, a floating dock for swimming, and a covered bench for picnics. Stretching all the way to the new Saint Pete Pier, the walking path along the bay is simply gorgeous. Your dog will love watching dolphins, manatees, and turtles swimming along the sea wall. You’ll love taking in the beautiful homes and stunning landscaping. Grenada Terrace is a beautiful small park along the way where you can get a bit of St. Pete’s history covered in bright pink Bougainvillea. Dog walking along this path is very peaceful and filled with great photo ops.

North Shore Park is a bit more popular than most parks in Saint Pete, but that is for a good reason. The seawall walk is long and has spectacular views of Tampa Bay. The big green space is great for laying in the sun, doing yoga, or just hanging with your furry friend! Multiple spots for exploring smells and a massive Dog Park will satisfy your dog immensely.  There’s a Palm Arboretum with over 100 species of Palm Trees to learn about and multiple places for you to hang a hammock along the water. Dog walking in this area is great and it provides a great space to run your dog as well. Your dog will thank you!

Central Avenue is a more fast paced place for a dog walk, but multiple businesses put out water bowls so your pup will stay hydrated. During the cooler months, a long dog walk along this street is so worth it. There are several bars and restaurants that feature outdoor seating so you and your dog can dine and drink together. Take in the murals with your pup and check out some of the dog friendly boutiques along the way. Some restaurants, such as Cassis, offer dog-specific menus. Treat your dog to a Mutt Loaf or Pup Monsieur after a long dogwalk, or ask your dog walker to pick up a treat for you!

Dog walking in Saint Pete during the summer months can be dangerous for both you and your dog. The heat can be too much, so make sure you carry extra water for them if a dog hydration station is too far away. Good Dog walkers in Saint Pete always make sure to keep pups on the grass as often as possible to avoid burned foot pads. Timing your dog walk for early morning or after the sun goes down is another way to keep your dog exercised safely. Dog walkers generally keep summer walks in Saint Pete a bit shorter and are usually pretty flexible. Ask your dog walker to take your dog to one of these great spots, or explore on your own. There are tons of dog friendly ways to enjoy this beautiful city!