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Dogwalking in St. Pete

St. Petersburg Dog Walker

Our little city of St. Pete is such a dog friendly place and we love taking dog walks here. With multiple dog parks, a sprawling waterfront park, and restaurants with dog menus, we’ve really got a lot to offer! Here are a few of the best Dog Parks in St Petersburg.

The North Shore Dog Park is a massive fenced in park right in downtown St. Pete. It’s next to the bay, so it also has great views. With a solar charging station, you can charge up your phone for more cute photos of your dog playing, while multiple water stations hydrate your pup. There’s tons of shade for hot days, a bathing area, picnic tables to relax, an obstacle course, and a separate small dog park for the little ones. There are a few friendly dog walking groups that meet here, as well as many playful dogs. If you’re looking for a quiet spot to walk your dog, the dog park is big enough for you to find your own space. It’s also near a long stretch of waterfront walking paths and big fields to run in. Just a short dog walk away is the new Saint Pete Pier to explore.

Coquina Key Dog Park is near Pinellas Point and features two large fenced in areas to walk your dog. Covered benches and large trees provide tons of shade and the water stations are always well maintained. This is a great place to come if your dog loves to chase tennis balls, as there are almost always a few ready to go! Dog walking around the Dog Park is along the water and has beautiful Mangroves lining it. A few benches to relax at and some sandy beach water access is a nice touch. The dog wash station is also well maintained and dogs love playing with the hose. The parking is easy and this park tends to be a bit more private than others.

Walter Fuller Dog Park is closer to the Tyrone area of St. Petersburg and is just gorgeous. A long set of paths surround a massive lake that is protected, so the views of the wildlife are stunning. If you’re an instagram fiend, this park has some of the best places to take pictures of your dog. There are fun and beautiful sculptures, multiple waterfront decks, a trove of tall Cypress trees, and well maintained landscaping. Gorgeous flowers, big fields, and several playgrounds dot the area. There are multiple water stations around the park for your dog to drink during a dog walk. They are also found in the shaded fenced in Dog Park area. It is mostly covered with beautiful trees and is pretty much empty most days. This park is a gem in Saint Pete.

Wherever you choose to walk your dog in St. Pete, you know that you’ve got a dog friendly spot right around the corner! If you want your dog to explore with a Dogwalker, check out Tails and Trails!